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About HOPR

Whether it’s individuals, companies or institutions – the HOPR protocol provides full control over privacy, data and metadata. HOPR lays the groundwork for a more sovereign and safe internet. For everyone. The HOPR protocol provides network-level and metadata privacy for every kind of data exchange.

PRIVACY: The HOPR protocol provides an alternative infrastructure on top of the Internet that makes metadata surveillance impossible. The HOPR protocol is a layer-0 privacy foundation for anyone to build on. A mixnet protects the identity of both sender and recipent by routing data via multiple intermediate relay hops that mix traffic.

INCENTIVIZED: The HOPR token helps this network be fnancially self-sustaining by providing a means of payment for users and a revenue opportunity for anyone who wants to run a HOPR node. Relay mix nodes are rewarded for their work in HOPR tokens. Our proof-of-relay mechanism protects everyone from dishonest behaviour.

PARTICIPATION: The HOPR community fights for the digital privacy of the future. Everybody can become a part of our movement and work with us towards improving the digital society of tomorrow. HOPR token provides the basis for participation in the HOPR Association, the independent DAO governing HOPR and run by its users.


Dune Analytics

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Dune Analytics is a powerful tool that allows anyone to easily query, visualise and share smart contract data for free. You can explore thousands of queries and dashboards created by the community.

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