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Dune Analytics

Optimism is now on Dune!

By Hugo Sanchez @

Ethereum is scaling, and so is the number of datasets on Dune! We are happy to announce that Optimism Ethereum’s roll-up data is finally available on Dune, allowing anyone to build rich insights into OΞ’s growing ecosystem of dapps.

Following Optimism’s soft-launch approach, an early version of our integration was also soft-launched on Dune a few weeks ago. Early results from Dune’s community of wizards showcasing Optimism’s ecosystem growth on different fronts such as DeFi, NFTs and more can be found here.

A testament to that growth is the fact that the total number of transactions processed on a weekly basis has 20x over the last two months. As well as the total number of addresses interacting with the OVM which went from around 800 at the end of June to more that 35.000 this week.

These are numbers that speak for themselves and we are thrilled to be making it easy for anyone anywhere to surface insights like these. You’ll find OΞ data by selecting the ​​source dropdown in the query editor window (top-left) making it easy to analyse Ethereum, Optimistic Ethereum, and many more with Dune.

The data must flow and you can expect both more data and other exciting features soon!

PS. We are hiring engineers