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Dune Analytics

Dune Analytics adds address labels!

By Fredrik @

Have you ever seen a great query on Dune where you get a list of addresses, only to stop and wonder what’s behind these beautiful, random hexadecimal encoded strings? So have we.

Today we are excited to announce a game changing new feature that enables a whole range of new use cases for Dune: address labels!

At Dune we enable the community with free collaborative data tooling, and the labels feature is no exception: 100% free, with full flexibility for the whole community to utilise and collaborate on.

Say you want to look at a list of the top token holders for COMP. You can now look at the actual owner names instead of abstract addresses:

top comp holders

If an address lacks a label, you can easily add it yourself!

If just want to get started you can check out this

There are two ways to submit labels on Dune:

Via the user interface - simply click a button and add the relevant label. Search addresses and add labels at our labels page.

With a Dune query - Leverage the power of Dune SQL queries to create labels! This means you can use on-chain data in novel ways to label addresses regarding trading behaviour, product usage, holdings and so much more. Simply drop in the query in our Github.

We recognise that the community uses Dune for everything from trading and investing decisions to deep research into building products and user behaviour. Now anyone can easily add the labels that are relevant for their use case on Dune to get an even better understanding of what type of users they have or what their favorite token investors are doing.

Addresses labels is a feature we’ve wanted to build since the very beginning of Dune and we’re excited to finally ship it. We’ve seen the magic that happens when this community is coupled with powerful and free tooling that anyone can use and we are beyond excited to discover in what novel ways the community will use labels!

Happy analysing!